Wills – Wide Styles

Wills Low Booties
Wills Low Booties

Today is a good day for the vegans out there with wide feet.  Well, let me qualify that – today is good for the vegan females out there with wide feet, because Wills recently dropped a bunch of models with “regular” or “wide” fits.  It’s hard enough finding cruelty free shoes in general, it must be that much more difficult getting a non-regular fit.  Fortunately, we can show you a little bit right now, and promise that in the future we will be on the lookout.  But for now, take this in, if you don’t like what you see, at least check Wills out and encourage them and other companies to keep making the wide styles.

All shoes pictured available at Wills Vegan Shoes.

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Vivobarefoot Stealth L


Today we’re taking another look at the Stealth L from VivobarefootAs you may recall, Vivobarefoot is a trail and running shoe company that specializes in barefoot running – minimally padded, flexible shoes that let your feet do your own thing.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair, and asked our friend and experienced runner Pooja to test out a pair.  More after the jump…

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Shop Shout: Avesu Vegan Shoes & Sole Runner

Avesu Vegan Shoes Logo

Today we are giving a big shout to our friends from Avesu Vegan Shoes, a Berlin based ethical shoe and accessories shop.  Avesu was founded in 2010 as an online only shop (and like many a successful business, started in someone’s apartment).  Their founders felt the same way we did when we started this blog – that it was really hard finding good vegan shoes.  They decided to launch a business that filled this need and of course, doesn’t profit from any suffering.   Five years later, these guys have three physical stores in Berlin and a revamped, English friendly online shop.

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Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Roundup

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 MW White Black Fire
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 MW White Black Fire

Hi all, today we bring you our occasional update on the vegan models of Onitsuka Tiger by Asics.  We didn’t get the full list this time, so we’re just putting out the Ultimate 81 colorways that are currently available on Zappos.  Enjoy, and please post in the comments section or email us (vegankicks@gmail.com) if you have updated information on other models.

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Vogas Espadrilles

Vogas Sendas High W Dusk
Vogas Sendas High W Dusk

While we spread on the sunscreen and crank up the A/C, many of us are in denial that we only have a few weeks left of summer.  But fear not,  for those who are trying to get a perfect pair of warm weather shoes, we have for you today Vogas.  Hand made in Spain, these shoes are a fusion between the classic Spanish Espadrille and a chukka boot.  They use a cotton upper with vegan leather trimming, and a natural rubber sole wrapped in jute rope.   Vogas also strives for sustainability, which is one of their core values and is reflected in everything from their sustainable materials, production processes to their packaging being made out of recycled materials.

Vogas makes men’s and women’s espadrilles in various colors.  See below for more looks.

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Adidas Trail and Running Roundup

Adidas Terrex Boost
Adidas Terrex Boost

Hey all, this week we bring to you a selection of Adidas running and trail shoes.  Recently, we have declined to promote Adidas, because they have never been forthcoming regarding their glues.  However, we got in touch with Vickerey, a Colorado based shop that is vegan friendly and also sells Adidas.  They obtained written documentation from all the factories which they work with at Adidas stating that the products and adhesives do not contain any animal or animal derived products.  Upon further inquiry, we found out that they work with only four factories, so we don’t know for sure whether others have the same manufacturing standards.  But for now, we feel comfortable promoting the specific shoes sold by Vickerey, which offers a nice selection of high end running and trail shoes (for men and women), with a casual boat shoe slipped in there.  Some even have Gore Tex, the waterproof material that’s found on rain and winter coats.   All contain synthetic uppers and animal free glues.  More pictures after the jump!

All available at Vickerey.

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Beyond Skin Bridal Collection

Beyond Skin Bridal Collection

Hello sweet world!  Today we say a refrain that has been uttered far too many times in the past on this site – better late than never…  Wedding season is well underway, but maybe some of you are looking for that perfect shoe for a big day in August or even the fall.  Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or you just like some classy shoes, Beyond Skin has got you covered.  See below for more words (theirs) and pictures of these vintage inspired shoe collection for the ethical bride (or non-bride).

Available at Beyond Skin.

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Huf Roundup

Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack
Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack

Today we are happy to feature shoes from Huf, a company that sorta blew up out of nowhere to become one of the premier brands of classic skateboarding style.  We were super pleased when they informed us that they make a bunch of vegan friendly styles.  This is what it’s all about – dope, functional sneakers for those who choose compassion. VK will continue to find and promote brands that provide vegan alternatives so that you readers can shop a little easier.   We hope that you like these, and if you have any suggestions on particular brands or shoes that you like but aren’t sure if they are vegan (and they’re not on this site), hit us up!  We’ll do the work and find the answers for you.

Enjoy the photos and visit the Huf footwear site for more info.

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On The Trail

Five Ten Guide Tennie Canvas Grey
Five Ten Guide Tennie Canvas Grey

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to hit the beach… or not.  Some of us prefer to enjoy the warm weather by getting out in the woods, desert, or mountains.  Hey, whatever is your bag, we got something for you.  We are especially excited to bring you this selection of vegan hiking boots, since we’ve never done it before.  So here they are.  We are leaving out all the other details, since there are so many features, most of which I don’t even know means what.  Click on the links for more info.

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Wills City Derbys Black

Photos by Jason Peralta, Ink and Pixel

We were lucky enough to get our hands on another pair of Wills Vegan Shoes, and we took the these pair for a spin.  We found a quiet little alley near a famous park in Greenwich Village and snapped a few photos.  One of the best things about this city is discovering its hushed side streets – this one was tucked away in the middle of the busiest neighborhoods.

Our model is wearing the City Derbys in Black.  We were drawn to these because of their versatility; we could see them being worn to work or with more formal attire.   You can’t go wrong pairing them with a dark suit.  The silhouette is a touch on the formal side – the toe box is pointier than we would prefer, and we think that may not go so well with certain outfits.  And they’re not quite formal enough to wear with a tux, though you may be able to pull it off.

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