Matt & Nat Men’s Spring Summer 2015 Roundup

Matt & Nat The Paxx 1
Matt & Natt Artigan 1

Today we have 2015 spring and summer lineup of bags and wallets for men by Matt & Nat.  This Montreal based vegan bag label is known for its high end, sophisticated offerings, and this season does not disappoint.  Their stuff is beautiful and functional – not for everyone, but perfect for those seeking a certain look.

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Native Shoes Roundup Spring Summer 2015

Native Shoes Apollo Moc Torch Red Shell White
Native Shoes Apollo Moc Torch Red Shell White

To continue our parade of company roundups, today we are presenting the spring and summer offerings of Native Shoes – your favorite not Croc brand!  Sorry, had to say it.  We haven’t given Native much love here and we totally missed the boat.  They really went out their and expanded their lineup.  And we are totally in love with the Apollo Moc; where did that come from?!  We are so upset about not being able to wear the Nike Roshe Run, but this shoe is making us feel a whole lot better about that.

Of course, we feel really good that Native is totally vegan – all of their shoes are “beast free.”  Rather than using even canvas or other popular synthetics, these are molded out of EVA, or that spongy stuff that is used in most sneaker soles.  Even better, Native strives to be environmentally responsible, by using a low emissions manufacturing process and recyclable packing materials.  Just a lot of all around goodness going on around here!

For more info, you can check out Native’s site, or the Zappos page (all of the shoes below are available on either site).

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Women’s Sandals Spring/Summer 2015 Roundup

Freewaters Tropea Print White Hawaii Print
Freewaters Tropea Print White Hawaii Print

It’s that time of year!   We love it when it’s warm enough out to bare our feet.  Okay, maybe not ours.  Or men as a whole, actually.  Today we’re throwing out some vegan options for the fairer gender we often leave out here.  Plus, the selection is way better – we were very pleased to see so many styles and colors.  Here are some of our picks.  We hope you like!

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Emerica Roundup Spring 2015

Wino Atiba Black Gold
Wino Atiba Black Gold

We have another periodic update on Emerica and their vegan  offerings.  For spring 2015, they have a total of five different shoes available, including two colorways for the Wino.  It looks like two shoes are actually skateable – the Herman G6 Vulc and the Westgate Cruiser.   The others are for chillin’ only, especially the flamingo themed Troubadour.

Click here for Emerica’s “animal friendly” page.

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Pigeon Shoes Explorer


Pigeon Explorer City (white sole)
Pigeon Shoes Explorer City (white sole)

Today we are excited to feature the Pigeon Shoes, an Australian brand launching their Explorer model via Kickstarter (campaign ending April 14, 2015).    This is a casually dressy shoe, wearable to work but comfy enough to play in a pickup soccer game on the way home.  We have seen some variations of this concept, most notably in sneaker hybrid Cole Haan Lunarglide.  Just as we’re seeing sneakers turn up, the dress shoe archetypes are being bended towards the more practical needs of everyday wear.  Fortunately for us now, we have another vegan option!

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DVS Rico Grey Camo Canvas
DVS Rico Grey Camo Canvas

DVS Vegan Logo

Today we are featuring the DVS Rico CT – and thank you very muchTy for the tip.  Unbeknownst to us, DVS has been releasing a vegan shoe collection for a while, and we totally missed the boat.  Currently, that collection is limited to three colorways of one model.  Hopefully they will be expanding their selection for next season, but for now this will have to do.

DVS Rico Native Camo Canvas
DVS Rico Native Camo Canvas

The Rico CT is available in three vegan colors: Grey Camo, Native Camo, and Black Vintage.  Camo is a bit of an misnomer – these are just grey with bit of pattern.  But the shoes are solid.  The uppers are all canvas, and the soles are vulcanized.  The colors are all dope, IMO, and you get a nice touch with round laces that contrast nicely with the rest of it.

DVS Rico Black Vintage Canvas
DVS Rico Black Vintage Canvas

We’ll try to keep updated on new releases, but to check it out for yourselves, here’s their vegan shoe page.

Velo City Ruck Sack and Messenger

Velo City Ruck Sack 1
Velo City Ruck Sack
Velo City Messenger 4
Velo City Messenger

Today we have a newly re-issued and an an updated bag  from our friends at Velo City.  As you may remember, we jumped at the opportunity to check out their Roll Top, which spawned a bunch of great photos and a lengthy review.  If you want to skip that and get a quick run down, you should know this: Velo City is a bicycle centric bag and accessory maker based in Utah.  Everything they make is hand made, vegan, and customizable.  And we can say from first hand experience that their products are super functional and of the highest quality.  All their products are made to last you for a lifetime, no exaggeration.

But onto the new stuff!  Today’s post is about the re-issued Ruck Sack and updated Messenger 2015.  We’ll go into each one by one.

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Shop Shout: Bergies

Bergies Socks
Pictured above: Happy Socks Men’s Disrupted Stripe

Being a blogger has its perks.  One of them is that you meet awesome people with similar sensibilities.  Another is that you sometimes get free swag.  Today’s post involve both situations.  [to be fair, everyone who sends us stuff is awesome, smiley face]. Bergies is a great online shop that sells socks, sock puppets, and slippers.  But you don’t go there to get your white tube socks.  You go for fun stuff like animal themed socks (which there are many to choose from) and things like CHEWBACCA SLIPPERS.

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Vivobarefoot Roundup Spring 2015

Vivobarefoot Vegan Header Image

Today we feature the running shoe company Vivobarefoot, and are happy to announce that they make a whole bunch of vegan shoe models.  We’ve been meaning to write about performance athletic shoes for a while since we get a lot of inquiries about shoes for specific sports.  Hopefully we’ll be able to cover a variety of activities, because there has to be some vegan option for every sport, but today we’re talking about running – barefoot running.

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