Central Park, Vegan Kicks


We took a field trip to our favorite urban oasis and shot some great photos.  Thought some of you would like to see them.  Thanks so much to Wills and Unstitched Utilities for hooking us up with these samples.  Pictured above and below are the Wills Desert Boot (Brown) and Work Boots (Black), plus Unstitched Utilities Next Day Hi QT (Black).  Also we got a pair of Keep Homer Kitty, we had a pair and couldn’t leave them out.

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Macbeth Vegan Roundup November 2014

Macbeth Matthew


We recently checked in on Macbeth and were impressed with their expanded selection of vegan shoes.  They got a nice showing, with some synthetic leather high tops as well as some trainers that look suspiciously like the Saucony Jazz Low Pro.  Of course, they have their canvas staples like the Eliot.

Pictured here are all men’s models, which are available at Zappos. Unfortunately only women’s vegan model here is the Eliot.  Click the images for a direct link to the site.

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Ahnu Roundup

Ahnu Cruz Vegan 1

Today we are doing a roundup of vegan shoes made by Ahnu, an outdoor footwear and clothing company based in San Francisco.  They primarily offer hiking boots, yoga gear, and functional slippers.  While we are mildly disappointed that Ahnu doesn’t have more vegan friendly options, there’s a lot to like here.  Click below for more pics and words.

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Adidas by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Pure Boost

Many of you probably already know about Stella McCartney as a fashion designer and animal activist.  But we here at VK did not know that she had her own line of clothing and shoes made by Adidas.  At first, we were skeptical.  But man, are we impressed with the interesting materials and designs of these kicks.  Plus, some of these are very functional and practical, from comfortable slip ons to serious running shoes.   It is obvious that her company didn’t just slap her name on a bunch of generic Adidas.

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Unstitched Utilities Interview

Unstitched Utilities Next Day QT High Black

For the second installment of our Unstitched Utitilities feature, we had the pleasure of talking with co-founder Jack Steinweis for the scoop on how it all began, their use of vegan materials, and plans for thefuture.  We’ve also put together some more photos of their Next Day Hi QT in Black.  Enjoy! [You can find our previous post here]

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Wills Desert Boot and Faux Suede Derby

Wills Desert Boot Brown 1

Wills Faux Suede Derby Grey 1

We were able to get our hands on a couple of Wills vegan shoes on a recent trip we took to Maine.  Pictured here are the Faux Suede Derby in grey and Desert Boot in brown.  This will be our first installment, stay tuned for more photos and an in depth profile coming up!

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Faux Moccs

Faux Moccs - The Classic Suede Like Moccasin

Babies (and toddlers)!  We all love them.  And we’ve all been one.  They need shoes too.  But you want to keep their feet free of leather and other undesirables.  Your dilemma is now over.  Introducing Faux Moccs (pronounced FOX MOX), a vegan and environmentally friendly baby shoe company, made in the USA.

“When I learned about the cruelty that went into animal farming, there was no way I could justify NOT going vegan. I threw out every piece of leather I owned, but I was heartbroken at the idea of parting with my moccasins” says Kortney, the founder of Faux Moccs.   “Fast forward several years and I wanted moccasins for my son, a soft soled shoe to protect his feet, while still allowing them to move the way nature intended. There are tons of companies that make baby moccasins, but I couldn’t find a version that was not either leather or vinyl. I knew there were other people in the same boat so this is how Faux Moccs was born.”

Faux Moccs - Cruelty Free Vegan

There’s a whole lot to like about these little booties.  Of course, they are completely vegan, made out of 100% nylon or polyester fiber.  They are free of vinyl, PVC, vinyl, or plasticizers, while still managing to be breathable and water resistant.  They’re durable and easy to clean.  And they’re available in just about every color combo imaginable.  Get a pair for your little one, or for someone else’s little one!

Visit Faux Moccs for more moccasins, tees, bags, and even pillow dolls!  Click below for more pics.

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Unstitched Utilities Fall 2014


Next Day Low Navy Burgundy

We’ve featured Unstitched Utilities before, but we were very excited to finally get our hands on some!  We came away very impressed with the look, feel, and comfort of all three models we wore: the Next Day Low in navy burgundy, Next Day Hi QT Black, and Gusto navy. Click down for more!

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Freewaters Falliday 2014 Roundup

Freewaters Logo #2

Summer’s not over yet!  OK, for us here in New York City, yes.  But in some places, it’s warm all year round (#jealousy).  In some of these locales, it might even be appropriate to wear sandals 365.  In honor of these magical places and lucky people, we present Freewaters fall and winter collection, vegan edition.  For those of you who are more interested in harsh fall and winter conditions, stay tuned.  [For those TL;DR, scroll down for the pictures!]

Freewaters is a surfer brand that specializes in flip flops, and also has a small but growing shoe line.  They’re about that laid back lifestyle as much as they serious about their sandals.  These ain’t your grandpa’s $5 flea market joints. Each one features some kind of design innovation, such as the Therm-a-Rest footbed or Sponge Lite Chassis.  They also use interesting materials such as cork and hydro leather (synthetic, water resistant).  We have no idea what’s going on with that, but the end result is that they sure do look comfy.  We here at VK, also known as the flat feet collective, are also genuinely excited that a lot of these provide noticeable arch support.

But wait, you may be asking yourself, why would I want to spend upwards of $30 on a pair of flip flops?  Well there are a number of reasons why you may want to invest in a nicer pair.  First, as mentioned above, comfort.  If you’re going to spend, you might as well get a cushy pair, especially if you wear them regularly.  Second, can you say lifetime guarantee?  Yes, Freewaters wants you to wear these for life.  Just send them a picture of your damaged shoes and they’ll replace them.

So being that you are here you know we are only going to show your the cruelty free models, and it is unfortunate that they still use leather on a bunch of their shoes.  But apart from that we’re excited to support Freewaters because of their charitable work.  Notably, each pair of shoes purchased supports their clean drinking water projects.  1% of gross sales go directly to fund water projects: 20 wells dug to date and more to come!  For more info on this, click here.

For those looking to shop, check out the Freewaters store or the Zappos Freewaters Page.

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Esprit Vegan Trainers Roundup

Esprit Ankle Boot White Coffee

This has probably made the rounds already, but we wanted to highlight the new vegan trainers from Esprit.  Comprised of several models of women’s sneakers (it’s what we call them in the US), these are currently available only in the UK and EU.  Esprit has made them out of eco-friendly (whatever that is) synthetic leather that appears to be some really nice suede like material.  They even got PETA to endorse them!  If you’re in an actual physical store, you can easily spot them because they got a big ole’ VEGAN tag on them.  Love that they’re not scared to be throwing it around like that.  Then again, this is Europe, as a cynical American I’m expecting you guys to be a few steps ahead of us.  Let’s just hope that, contrary to the name, Esprit doesn’t think that compassion and cruelty free products are part of a trend.  Or, if this is all a trend, that it’s a growing one that will continue to grow until it’s the standard.

Click down for all the pics.  For the UK page, click here.  For the EU page, click here.  Have at it ladies!

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