All Non-Leather Nike Shoes Vegan? Something to be Thankful For!


Oh Thanksgiving.   The holiday where it is completely acceptable to eat and watch TV constantly without feeling guilty.  Some lazy bastards don’t even bother to shower or change out of their pajamas during this 36 to 72 hour binge/veg-out fest (totally not referring to myself).  You are so good to me, Thanksgiving.  You give me things like good vegan food, family, Jean-Claude Van Damme classics, and videos of Sarah Palin fans.  Okay, these things aren’t traditionally associated with the holiday, but… whateva I do what I want.

Another thing I am thankful for is… Nike?!  I emailed their customer support a little whiles back to inquire about their vegan shoe policy (if there was any).  I was pleasantly surprised by their response –


Dear Nike, Do you sell vegan sneakers? If so, can you tell me what models? If…
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Response (Aaron)
Hello Henry,

It is great to see that you are taking an interest in our footwear. I understand that you are looking for some non-animal shoes that Nike has to offer. I will take a look and see what I can find for you!

I am sorry, but we do not have a list of our non-animal footwear products. But I can help you in stating that we do not use anything other than leather in our shoes, in regards to animal products. If you want to try and find shoes that do not have full grain leather materials, the best place to start is looking for shoes that feature synthetic leather, mesh, or other non-full grain leather materials.  The Running and Cross Training silos are great places to start, as shoes that are designed to be lightweight will usually not include full grain leather.

I hope this information helps and if you have any other questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help!


The boys in Beaverton done changed the game.  I figured Nike would be the last sneaker company to use non-animal products (By the way I’m not basing that opinion on any real evidence, just on the perception that Nike has partaken in evil deeds  in the past a la employing 8 year old Malaysian kids).  But, if this email is accurate and truthful, animal conscious shoppers everywhere can rejoice.  The choices of Nike vegan shoes are then multitude, given the growing trend towards using high-tech synthetic materials in their newest performance lines.  Though I am still searching for the elusive canvas (or synthetic) Dunk or Blazer, we have the likes of the Free and Trainer Larry Fitzgerald (pictured below).  If these aren’t your bag, I’m sure there are plenty of Nikes out there with synthetic uppers.  I just don’t have the strength to go through all of them.  But if any of you see some more SB’s or retro models, holler at me.  Oh, and New Balance – get your act together!

Nike Braata
Nike Trainer Fitzgerald

18 thoughts on “All Non-Leather Nike Shoes Vegan? Something to be Thankful For!”

  1. Some Nikes use Pony hair (some 24/7s, AM95’s, etc). The guy who responded to you is clearly incorrect.

  2. Wow, those orange pieces of shit are just plain disgusting. Shame on Nike for even conceiving the idea that pony hair should be used as a material.

  3. Some of the dyes and manufacturing processes used to make synthetics are absolutely horrendous for the environment. Not to mention some synthetics take many years to break down after disposal.How can you justify Synthetics as a viable option to save animals and the environment when the synthetic alternatives you spruke can actually be more harmfull for the protection of species. Protection/veganism needs a fresh re-think about the true impact of it’s practices on the environment. The health risks for the workers associated with said production also needs a look. What is the full picture here?

  4. Thanks for that Andrew. Always good to think further! 🙂

    Any more info on what is what and what are good alternatives?

    We all have to have a look at our consumerism and recycle/upcycle more and more.

  5. the manufacture of style lead industries manipulated the need for pro-active human weight gaining strains on societies is a false economy. The murder of millions of animals is what it is, Murder.

  6. The utility of this site is compromised when shoes are described as vegan because there is no leather. Some people want a shoe that is vegan in the sense that there are no creature-derived components in the shoe. This includes the glue.
    Thank you.

  7. I would argue that leather can be just as bad for the environment due to the chemicals used in tanning. Also have you ever given a thought to the fact that we use leather because of its longevity, except leather is skin – a natural product which is supposed to biodegrade. Somehow we make it into a practically undegradeable product?

  8. I need help on finding vegan shoes which loom good , or vegan trainers that are branded as I cannot find any.

  9. Exactly , I’m a long time composter and I can see how vegans leave a bigger footprint on the environment from all the idiosyncrasies about animal products. Wouldn’t you rather recycle and help preserve the earth instead of creating a market for synthetics that pollute our environment when you could be using animal products that break down and become fertilizer for all the plants you eat

  10. Maybe it’s a compassionate thing and not that of a footprint. Living kindly is priority for a lot of Vegans.

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