Company Spotlight – Keep

Keep Ramos

When I first started thinking about what to include in this blog, I came across this really cool article in this magazine Sneaker Freaker.  It was an interview with the owner of Keep, a women’s sneaker company based in LA.  The designs caught my eye right away: they were really clean, simple, and had dope patterns.

I particularly like the shoe pictured above – the Ramos, especially in this colorway.  Not only do they seem like a really chill company filled with people doing what they love, but their products are cruelty free!  Check their About Us page for the low down.  I have to admit I was kind of bummed about it being a women’s brand.  It’s always embarrassing when you walk into a store, look at some kicks you think are sweet, and you realize you’re in the wrong section.  But listen, freshness has no gender.  And Keep makes it easy for you because they have men’s sizes.  So I got over it quick.  Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to this company for 1) making nice kicks, and 2) making them without any animal products.  As soon as I can scrounge up the dough, I’ll be buying me a pair from Keep.

Also, take a browse of the Keep Section on Zappos –>Keep: Keep Shoes

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