eS Holiday Vegan Shoes for 2010

First Blood

The Christmas hits keep coming!   Looks like eS (sorry I don’t know how to put the little mark over the e) is looking out for their small (but inevitably growing) market of vegans.  I remember when I was a kid (now very long ago) and I had my first pair of Eric Kostons.  But I got the worst color way, the soles weren’t grippy at all.  Totally unskateable!  Those were the days.  They sorta still make them, I think – see Lakai Koston 1.

Anyway, according to their site,  it looks like they are offering a total of five vegan shoes, 100% synthetic.   My personal favorite is the First Blood in B/W (pictured above).  But I have to say, I kinda like them all.  Props to Rick McCrank, another skater vegan, and his pro model, the Avers.  It looks really comfy and built to last.  Also, the Square One is nice, I loved the Accel.  The two non-standouts I would say are the Breeze, which looks like a tank of a shoe, and Cessner, which looks like your typical griptape fodder.  See pics below, and click for more colorways.


Square One

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