Company Spotlight – IPath

‘Ere me now.  IPath is the Hippie, Rastafarian clique of the skateboard world.  They incorporate a lot of eastern (Hindu, Buddhist) art in their t-shirt desings, as well as not so hidden references to weed smoking.  Of course, the colors of Jamaica are used wherever possible and a lot of the riders they sponsor have long dreadlocks.   Guaguan.  But they put the money where the mouth is.   They respect the environment and promote sustainability by using materials such as organic cotton and hemp.  Of course, you know what hemp sneakers mean… that’s right, the canvas and hemp Ipath kicks are all vegan (I checked with them).  They even have a whole section designated vegan.  This is sweet, especially since I am really feeling their designs, especially the Reed in brown hemp.  It’s a pretty simple design but I like the cross stitching around the ankle.  Lord ‘ave mercy!

Available at Zappos

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