Vans Herringbone and Black Denim Pack

Vans keeps churning out more and more packs.  These new non-leather, vegan Vans utilize herringbone weave (canvas, I’m guessing) and black denim for their uppers.  The herringbone pack comes in the Chukka and Era models, while the black denim is rocked by the slip-on and Era.  Looks like they all come with white laces.

Nothing spectacular here.  Maybe it’s the picture, but the colors and materials don’t really jump out at me.  Out of the bunch, I would say the Chukka in herringbone is the sweetest.

All of these in the Vans Herringbone/Black Denim Pack can be bought at Kicks/Hi.

Also, the Era Herringbone can be got at Zappos.

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