Converse First String Chuck Taylor Specialty Ox

Sup Yall.  So first, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy.  Second, a disclaimer – this post is on a pair of shoes which are vegetarian, not vegan.  While I’ve heard from vegans that Converse are, I was notified from the company itself that they do not guarantee animal free shoes.  But, I have decided to post these, and other shoes, which are “vegetarian.”  Ugh I hate using that word but I guess it is accurate.  I know this is site is called vegan kicks, but hey, there just aren’t enough vegan shoes (I like) out there.

So here we have the Converse First String Specialty Ox in low.  You can get it in light blue or grey.  These aren’t your average Chucks though.  These have a thicker midsole with additional rubber around, a comfort system inner, and a chambray upper.  A vintage rubber license plate appears on the heel of the midsole.

Available at Darkside Initiative.

See original post at Nicekicks.

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