Vegan Vans!

Here it is, the list of Vans vegan shoes (from the company itself):

Old Skool Vegan:Available at Zappos

Custom Slip-on, Era and Old Skool: available at

Classic Slip-on Canvas: Available at Zappos

Classic Authentic Canvas: Available at Zappos

Rowley Shambles – (Canvas/Oxblood & Canvas/Blue)

Sk8-Hi (True White): Available at Zappos

Era (Parra – Limited Edition): Available at Vans store.

Go Green Collection (Organic Canvas Styles)

Chukka Low (Canvas styles only)

I was a little worried after not seeing anything on their website and them not responding to my first email.  But there you have it.  Happy guilt free shopping, and I will be posting any new canvas models I come across.

– Henry

19 thoughts on “Vegan Vans!”

  1. Hey dude,
    Going on that list would you say all canvas Era’s are vegan or just the custom and Parra ones?

    Nucleus Online

  2. What up Ty,

    Thanks for your comment. I am pretty sure that all canvas Era’s are vegan, sorry the phrasing of it is weird. Hope this helps!


  3. Awesome,
    I’m a vegan and we have been making some changes to our site through January so from now on I’ll be marking all our vegan shoes so people can buy in confidence, which I’m really happy about. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to go off emailing companies and trying and find out when all you want to do is buy some new shoes! Thanks a lot for doing all the research and posting it here, I found you a few weeks ago and I follow all your posts now.

    Nucleus Online

  4. Hey Ty,

    Thanks so much for your support! I hope you like the site and let me know if you have any comments or issues with the blog. I visited your shop and it is sweet. I will link to it in the future (especially if you have a vegan section). Also feel free to link to your own site in the comments. It is actually better because I think some of my readers are in England.

    Regarding your first question, I think you may be right. I will check with Vans to see if all the Era’s are vegan. To me, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be, but based on the email it looks like only those two models are. I will post something new when I hear. Thanks again for keeping an eye out!


  5. Thanks a lot, when (if) we get more synthetic shoes in the future I will try to make sure that they are filterable by material. Its nice to have the power to implement things that I’d like myself :-p


  6. Hey man, thanks for posting such an awesome site, i am wondering about half cab vans, my friend says they do some vegan models but I have been searchig and searching but not having any luck,wondering if you know any more than i do?

  7. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the props. I don’t think there are any vegan Half Cabs. I know it sucks, I really don’t know why they wouldn’t experiment with some new materials with that one. I guess since it is supposed to be a rugged skate shoe and it’s always been suede or leather. I will post if I find anything, and please let me know if you uncover anything. Thanks!


  8. Hey Alex i have a textile upper half cab.Its made in Vietnam 🙁

    its the black and white stripes.


    Also i looked at the material logos in the ‘half cab legends’ at a local store and the logos are textile.
    But i still don’t trust the logos. It seems that the upper is Faux leather. We need to find out.
    Because maybe that one last long for skating, the one i have i needed to duck tape.

  9. RGC: Thanks man! What a find… I love the Half-Cab and have been resigned to the fact that they are made out of suede. I’ll post these, and thanks again!

  10. no problem

    I asked vans a question about the half cab legends which on their website is written premium suede. But i looked the logos materials in the shoe all is textile.

    But they responded with the list of vegan shoes you have posted.

    Replied back to them and asked if the Tony Alva shoe in GO GREEN section is vegan, which again is also premium suede.

    I asked what is premium suede.

    peace & love

    p.s I still wonder why they don’t have my half cab in the list, its written on the website canvas.

  11. Hmmm, yes that is interesting. Perhaps they aren’t entirely animal-free, i.e. there are elements of animal parts in certain models made in certain factories. At least we know that they are very specific and consistent with the vegan models they do carry. We’ll have to press them on expanding their vegan line. Thanks for the info RGC!

  12. are the vans authentic canvas mini check lining vegan? i’m pretty sure they are. they’re canvas and are vulcanized, no glue as far as i’ve been told. but just to make sure?

  13. Hey Fiona, I think the answer is is that they should be. The Vans Classic Authentic is vegan, and this one is pretty much exactly the same with a different inner lining. So there’s no reason that they would use a different glue (unless they are made in a different factory). I hope this answers your question, thanks for commenting!

  14. You have a link to zappos for vegan old skools. To point out, only the Black/Black are vegan. They used to make different colors in the old skool vegan, and have I been emailing them for years to bring back more options, but alas only the black/black is currently vegan.

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