Habitat Ibex Grey Synthetic

First I have to apologize for my last post.  I thought that those Supra Cuban 1.5‘s were creature-less, but I was outed by one of my loyal readers (thanks Hugues).  I’ve been doing that a lot lately, just goes to show that I’m not being careful enough, or I just get too excited when I see something I like.  Anyway, I am PRETTY SURE these Habitat Ibex in grey are not made with any animal parts.  The top is synthetic leather (confirmed by multiple sources), the soles are made of a recycled gum rubber, and the glues are water-based.  As for the looks, I’m feelin’ it.  You got your nice mid-top silhouette, canvas tongue, and some accent stitching.  Overall, it’s a nice take on the classic Vans Half-Cab, but animal friendly.  Available at Premier and Skate Warehouse (it’s a few bucks cheaper at Premier).  Enjoy!

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