Nike SB Dunk Low Larry Perkins

These Nike SB Dunk Lows are named after Larry Perkins, a fictitious, “most under-rated skateboarder of all time” who used to make prank phone calls on behalf of Big Brother Magazine (my favorite back in the day!).  They feature black and grey/brown denim upper, and it’s reported that the swoosh is made of patent leather.  But upon closer inspection, we here at Vegan Kicks think it’s reasonable to assume that they’re actually vinyl or some other synthetic.  Depending on how hardcore you are, you might be willing to take a chance.  Other interesting stuff: a “furry” inner lining, and a tongue that gives a telephone ring when you squeeze it.

They will be released on March 20.  Check Premier for updates, they seem to be in the know.  Also, don’t forget they are quickstrikes so if you really want them you better get em fast!

5 thoughts on “Nike SB Dunk Low Larry Perkins”

  1. Hey Stephanie, good looking out. I think it’s possibly leather on the back. It looks like it is leather and I also know that Dunks usually don’t use synthetic. So yeah, I think it is leather in the back. I didn’t see that in the original picture! Sorry…. There is another great Nike Dunk Hi AC TZ which I am really feeling, but the swoosh looks like it’s leather, and it kills me. But if you’re interested, they are making them in different flag colors for countries playing in the world cup. Check out this link for that.

  2. No problem. This dunk AC TZ is awesome, I love the grey one. I feel so depressed when they make dunks in canvas and put leather on the swoosh! haha. There is another one that I’m not sure if it’s leather on the swoosh or not. It’s (317814-004) . What do you think?

  3. Whoa, those are pretty damn sweet… you’re talking about these right? Hm, it’s a close call. The swoosh looks like it’s synthetic, but it could be leather with a synthetic looking paint. I’ll email Nike and see what’s up. Thanks for the tip, keep pointing stuff out to me, I don’t have enough women’s kicks on here!

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