Ruben Studdard on Going Vegan

I had to share this. Ruben Studdard of American Idol fame went vegetarian, then vegan, and ended up losing over 80lbs (with the help of a trainer of course)! He was interviewed by Peta, and here was one of the quotes:

Peta: What are some of your favorite foods?

Ruben: My favorite dish is from PF Chang’s: the Buddha’s Feast. It’s hands-down my favorite dish. And the tofu lettuce wraps. My favorite brand now is Morningstar. Anything Morningstar, I love it—except for the sausage links. The patties ain’t bad though. But yesterday I had the fake buffalo wings. Every week, it gets more surprising, the amount of options you have as a vegetarian, because you never before would have been looking for those different options to satisfy your hunger, so to speak, so it’s really refreshing. Especially with all my travels, it’s really a lot easier than I thought to find healthier options. I still like to make greens and sweet potatoes and potato salad, just things like … you know, ’cause I’m from the South, and you know, my mom kind of taught me how to cook, still … I honestly still crave that meat flavor—so she taught me how to use the veggie bouillon cubes and stuff with my food. McDonald’s has a veggie burger now. It’s not as good as Burger King’s. Burger King’s veggie burger is off the chain.

That last sentence KILLED me.  I never heard anyone say BK’s veggie burger is off the chain, or something equivalent.  Hey, that’s a good thing if people can get vegan food from fast food joints.  I didn’t even know Mickey D’s had a veggie burger.  I might need to try that out!

Click here for the full interview with Peta.  Click here for an interview with Wendy Williams.

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