Toms Shoes 2010 Spring Vegan Collection

Toms Shoes has several different new vegan models for this spring.  These cruelty free joints feature sailing patterns, and come with appropriate names such as the Seaport and Tangier.  I’m not a biggest fan of these vegan models, and I much prefer the non-vegan styles.  Some of them actually feature laces!  Or lace holes at least… anyway, these are basically the signature style of Toms Shoes – simple, no frills, loose and comfortable slip-ons.  Perfect to wear whether you’re at your house chillin or playing bongos in the park.  Still, I have to mention that the uppers are made out of hemp and recycled plastic bottles, how eco is that?  Also, to my surprise, the insole is actually EVA padded, and has latex arch support.  This is more than I can say for a lot of shoes featured on this blog (ahem, Vans).  For a person with flat feet like me, that’s a huge plus.  Anyway, check out the new styles.

Oh, and of course I had to mention their One for One policy.  You are basically buying another pair of shoes for a kid with a purchase (which, for some, would justify the price).  And look at the results – look at how happy those people are below!

Happy good looking people wearing Toms Shoes

Of course, there are several other vegan Toms Shoes that aren’t new for this season – these are my favorite of the bunch.

Toms Heather Blue Herringbone

Toms Habitante

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