Vans Authentic Hemp Pack

Vans is throwing a bone to the granola munching crowd with this Authentic Hemp Pack, which could possibly be vegan (but are surely vegetarian).  For a list of verified vegan Vans check the lists and links here and here.  There are two colors: Dusky Orchid and Birch.  Each has a thick brown gum sole.  Can I just comment; why is it every time there is a hemp shoe, it invariably incorporates “earthy” and “natural” colors?  Why can’t they just use regular colors?  This is the problem I have with Simple.  Yes, I have notably left them out thus far and will post on them soon.  Check out this Vans Hemp Authentic Jute shoe to see what I’m talking about, where the “hemp infused rubber outsoles are wrapped with material woven from ultra eco-friendly Jute plant fiber.”  Eco friendly, yes… stylish… eh?  Anyway, check out the pics of the new Authentic Hemp Pack below.  If you’re feelin them, they’re available at Rugged Sole.

UPDATE: I have been informed that these are available at Supreme in NYC in black hemp.

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