Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

It looks like someone finally got the scoop on some vegan Asics Onitsuka Tigers.  Okay, it wasn’t me, but one of my awesome readers who showed me the way.  Man, I want to thank all of you guys who have been reading and commenting and making this blog what it is.  My goal is to ultimately make this more of a community, and incorporate social networking into this, so we can all share what we know.  What is that age old adage – two heads are better than one?  With more than two heads imagine what we can accomplish!

Anyway, you know the drill.  Looks like Zappos smarted up and listed the vegan models of the Ultimate 81.  Well, they sorta did.  You actually cant find it if you search “vegan” on their site, but if you just look at the Ultimate 81, there is a line in the description explaining which colorways are vegan. I’m still thankful though, since my last failed attempt at trying to explain what Asics Onitsuka Tiger’s were vegan was incoherent and uninformed.  So I hope this helps.

According to them, it looks like there are four vegan colorways available at Zappos: (Red/Lemon Yellow), (Navy/Lime), (Cocoa/White/Orange), (White/Jet Black).  More Pics after the jump!

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  1. Hey when I look at this style of asics at the store, they all seem to be synthetic. I look like a crazy person scratching and sniffing the shoes and peeling pieces back so I can see if there’s fabric on the back lol.

    Also, has anyone seen these beauties? They are def fabric, not sure if the gold piping is dead animal skin and they haven’t come out yet and they will prob only come in “men’s” sizes:

    Supra has been coming out with quite a few canvas sneaks:
    see “tuf black”

    Also, a tip for searching in zappos- try “canvas sneakers” “hemp sneakers” and “denim sneakers” and more will show up than under the vegetarian section.

    Anyway, thanks Henry for providing a venue for all my vegan sneaker freakerness lol

  2. Emfole, no problem! Thanks so much for sharing. Those Supras “Woods” are kinda crazy, but I’m actually digging the gold accents. There’s a good chance they’re synthetic, and I’ll check up on that.

    Those “Tuf Black” ones are synthetic though? It doesn’t say in the description. Thanks again Emfole…

  3. Hey Davin, it’s probably worth it to check up with Asics. I’ll try to find out and get back to you…thanks for the comment!

  4. sweet, thanks so much for your research, I could always use updates on newly discovered vegan shoes.

  5. I emailed ASICS asking for a list of all their Ultimate 81’s that were vegan and they sent me this awesome email that has a huge list of all the vegan models from Spring 2009-Fall 2010. There are at least 40 on there. I would copy and paste it here but the list is an image. Email me and I will forward it to you. It is just a list of model #’s but going to the ASICS website or google would be pretty easy.. 😀

    so excited.

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