New Balance CM 1600

I am pleased to finally be featuring New Balance.  As many of you know, this company  isn’t exactly fond of using alternative materials, and it is kinda hard to distinguish between the synthetic and non-synthetic sometimes.  Nevertheless, these re-released New Balance CM 1600 are vegetarian, meaning the upper is synthetic leather.  They are probably not vegan, since New Balance apparently does not know what factories use what glues, so they can’t guarantee anything.  Whatever.

Recreated in its original colorway, the CM 1600 has a synthetic and nylon upper for breathability and durability.  As for performance features, it has the long used TPU stabilizer as well as a side ABZORB unit for cushioning.  For reference, these were originally released in the mid 90’s.  Plus, plus, they are made in the USA!  More pictures after the jump…

As of now I don’t know where you can get these.  Look for them to come out soon though, sorry.

11 thoughts on “New Balance CM 1600”

  1. I actually really like these. I wish more companies would use synthetic leather…it drives me crazy that there are so many canvas sneaks available but so few synth leather.

  2. Hey Stephanie and Emily: I think that New Balance does make a lot in synthetic leather, we just can’t tell. I will contact NB and hopefully post on some different models. Thanks for your comments!!

  3. Hey Carlos, I’m not surprised. I just go by what the vendor represents on their end. I’m guessing some were made in the States and then some were made overseas. Do you have a pair?

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