Vans Vault 106 LX Sierra Pack

Vans Vault is a collection that changes their classic models by mixing in a premium appeal.  This 106 LX Sierra pack, released at the end of February, is standard all canvas 106 but has added metal eyelet hooks for a hiking boot feel.  There are three colorways: black, beige, and khaki.  All sport white vulcanized soles.

Available at Bows and Arrows.

NOTE: these are not necessarily 100% vegan.  For the list of vegan shoes made by Vans as told to us by the corporation, please click here and here.

3 thoughts on “Vans Vault 106 LX Sierra Pack”

  1. i would love to see these in high tops. are canvas, synthetic or hemp high tops in sizes smaller than an 8 just too much to ask??

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