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Props to my man Jaybird for pointing these my way.  It turns out Etnies is very vegan friendly.  Just check out their site, they have a page just for people like us.  Thanks Etnies!  These pictured above are just a few of my favorites.  In order, they are 1) Mike Taylor in black/grey/white; 2) RVM in black/grey/blue; and 3) Girls RSS in white/hot pink.  I’m especially feeling the RVM.  I just am really into mids, and I especially like the mixed colors and materials.  Looks like the heel is ripstop.  One issue though – Zappos lists the RVM as leather, but Etnies has it labeled as vegan.  I tend to believe the company website, and plus Zappos has this one with the same exact description as the non-vegan ones.  I hope there isn’t some kind of mistake on  Anyway, check out their site, and add another one to our list!

Mike Taylor

Available at Etnies and Zappos.


Available at Etnies.

RSS (Girls)

Available at Etnies.

10 thoughts on “Vegan Etnies”

  1. damn! i was gonna send you the link to the vegan etnies page yesterday but forgot!

    i do have a couple of others to send you though…

    The Foot Down

  2. Sweet, thanks Mike! Emerica does a good job, though I didn’t see the Ed Templeton Archer on there. Nice to see the Jerry Hsu shoe (heh) in canvas but green? Not feelin those. Also, Kinetic selection is pretty wack, though I give them props for having a vegan page to begin with. Thanks again man!

  3. This is a very nice shoes blog….here i want to share my experience about The Etnies Shoes UK..i have bought it once and know i m fan..and again thinking to buy them…

  4. Just found out that Vans Rowleys aren’t exclusively vegan anymore so I’m getting a pair of the green Hsu’s. Been quite happy with my Emerica Hunter’s that Ed put out. Pity they were reduced a week or two after I bought them.. I guess they didn’t sell too great.

  5. Hey Spence, yeah I was disappointed about the Rowley’s as well, I wish Vans would step it up a little more… fortunately, the Etnies and Emerica vegan models are really nice. Thanks for the comment, and feel free to let me know whenever you find something new!

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