Nike 6.0 Women’s Balsa

Normally I like to stay clear of bright colors and patterns, but who am I to presume to be an authority of style?  I like to keep an open mind, and as long as what I am posting is not so egregiously wack, I think I’ll be okay.  If you guys stop visiting, I’ll get the hint.

Anyway, here’s something a little funky for you (sorry I got that song stuck in my head today).  Nike 6.0 is a line of footwear and clothing catering to the “extreme” crowd.  Well, this Balsa shoe, not so much.  I wouldn’t go BMXing in these.  But it is fun looking, and comes in a variety of colors.  This slip-on is a play on the boat shoe a la Sperry, but without the preppy vibe.  As far as I have examined, the colorways posted above and below are 100% canvas or some other textile.  Look out for the other ones, there are some suede accents here and there, but they are mostly canvas.  If you see some leather on the one’s I’ve pictured let me know.  Click for more pics below.

These are available at Zappos.

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  1. gostaria de saber qual o site onde posso comprar estes sapatos,ja corri tudo e nao encontro,adorei os,alguem me pode informar?e ja agora o preço.obrigada

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