Novacas Autumn 2010

Unfortunately, we can’t wear Vans all the time.  Sometimes we gotta act all growns up 🙁  But who says you can’t be vegan, styling, and having fun while dressed up?  Case in point: see this Autumn 2010 collection by Novacas.  Words that come to mind… Sleek.  Modern.  Sophisticated.  From the worn charcoal to the textile mixed in with fake leather, these shoes ooze quality.  Feel me?

Oh, and more good stuff.  Novacas are made out of 80% biodegradable material, 100% vegan, and are fair trade made in Europe.  Also of note is that the designers are the girls who own Moo Shoes.  Holler.

See Discerning Brute for original source.

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