Your Vegan Kicks (Part 1)

Hey everyone, last week I posted a picture of my “vegan” Converse Chuck Taylors and I asked some of you to send me some pics of yours.  Well, a few of you kindly obliged, and here they are!

Here is Jasper, rocking some Converse Chuck Taylor in black navy.  Notice how much more stylish they are than mine due to the awesome yet almost incomprehensible lacing pattern he has devised.  Kudos!  Also, check out his excellent blog and you’ll see some amazing artwork and beautiful photographs (I love these kittens!).

This is my man Petrus, lounging in central Stockholm (that is in Sweden for all you uncouth Americans), sporting the Habitat Ibex.  Just one word – lovely.  This is where you live???  I heard it’s cold there but damn, spring and summer must be gorgeous.


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