Es Edward (Gray)

So these Edwards from Es really caught my eye, but the issue is, are they vegan?  The upper look to me like canvas, or heather cotton on first glance (and zoomed in).  But all the descriptions I’ve read of this are that they are leather or suede.  Could this just be outdated information?  If anyone has an answer, please let us know.  But for now, I’m gonna go on a limb and post these.  Doth my eyes deceive me?  Other colorways are a different story, however.  Those are definitely not vegan, so steer clear.

Avail at Zappos

6 thoughts on “Es Edward (Gray)”

  1. yeah, zappos’ descriptions are never accurate when it comes to the same shoe that’s available in multiple different materials. these are definitely canvas. last season they had a white canvas colorway that looked even nicer.

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