Nike Dunk NOT Vegan?!


This is like a Bigfoot sighting. No matter your opinion, the Nike Dunk is one of the most iconic and versatile sneakers ever.  Everyone has to have at least one.  And it’s not going away any time soon.  No matter how many different Dunks I’ve seen in stores or on the web, none of them can seem to leave out the leather.  How many times do we come across Nike Dunk “Canvas” with a leather swoosh?  But now have our wishes come true?  From the looks of it, the answer is yes: Nike SB’s new release includes a Dunk Hi made of all non-leather (not sure exactly what it is from this picture) in a gray/brown colorway. There’s also a Dunk Mid in this lineup but they didn’t include the picture.  Available soon, like in a week or something!  Keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Nice Kicks.  Check it for other Nike SB upcoming releases.  No other vegan models though.

3 thoughts on “Nike Dunk NOT Vegan?!”

  1. Sorry to say that but it is not vegan… I saw these before and the toebox and the laceholder are made of leather. 🙁

  2. yeah i was gonna say looks like that toecap is suede. Nike came out with all-white-canvas dunk mids about a year ago, called the “tokyo”s

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