Adidas Samba Americana West

Figured I’d fill in the gap while Henry was on vacation…

WOW, I’ve been searching for some vegan Adidas Sambas in a non-hippy colorway for what seems like forever. A little over a year ago, DQM and Huf collaborated on a black canvas model, but I missed the boat on those (although I think if you’re a size 9 you can still pick some up at the DQM store on E.3rd St.). Anyway, I was searching the bowels of the internet (ok, maybe just the adidas site) when I came across these beauts. I noticed that the “leather” looked a bit pleathery, and the description was suspiciously absent of any straight “leather” declaration, so I rolled the dice, clicked “buy” and waited with baited breath to check for that sweet little diamond figure on the tag. And sure enough, there it was. I don’t believe that any of the other models in the “Americana West” series are vegan…those other colors appear to be real suede, but I haven’t verified. For now, these will do just fine!

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  1. Does the ‘diamond’ symbol always mean the upper is completely synthetic, including all the trimmings? I thought the diamond denoted what’s known as ‘other materials’ which, whilst usually synthetic, might also refer to some treated leathers?

    Maybe it’s different in the US but I’m pretty sure I got burned on some New Balance classics here in the UK a few years back – the label had the diamond on it but New Balance told me that the shoe was real leather.

  2. I’ve fallen completely in love with this model, alas, I can’t find it on any other sites that, also I can only find it in one size, size 6. Can anyone help me on this? Also, I can’t seem to find out how to contact adidas regarding this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. can anyone please help with a link for these? i’ve scoured the depths of the internet and haven’t been able to find anything.

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