Thanks again to our reader Michael who gave me to tip on this great find.  These are Blackspot sneakers, made by the people who bring you Adbusters magazine.  Those who are familiar with the publication knows that it is very politically progressive with an activist bent.  Did you see that cover of Obama with a clown nose?  That’s harsh.

In an effort to become more involved than just a magazine, they partnered up with Vegetarian Shoes in an effort to create “the world’s most ethical shoe.”  Sounds good to me!  In addition to being vegan, they are fair trade and eco-friendly (the triumvirate of all things good for those with a cause).  The upper is made of hemp, the rubber is recycled tire sole, and they are made in a union shop in Europe.

There are a few drawbacks, as far as I can tell.  First, they are a little pricey ($75) for what they are.  Obviously you can get something like that at H&M or the like for about $15, or some Chucks for $40.  But I guess that’s not the point – if you’re interested in these, you are probably willing to pony up the extra cash exactly because they’re not from H&M and Converse.  Second, I heard that they are uncomfortable and don’t last long.  That could be more of a deterrence, but I don’t know from personal experience.  Me, I’d take a chance on these.  They look pretty sweet, and you definitely won’t lose any sleep wondering what they are made of or where they came from.

Click here for more info and purchasing.  There’s another boot on there too, but I wasn’t really feeling it.

3 thoughts on “Blackspot”

  1. I have the boot. a little stiff at first, but breaks in nicely. I drew over the red dot with a black sharpie. Looks nicer that way. They’ve lasted one winter so far.

  2. I have bought two pairs of the boot over the years. I love them. Not good for wet weather but great for street shoes. I also think it looks better w/out the sweet spot marked but i appreciate the sentiment and creativity. I was asked once about the red dot and explained it was for kicking corporate butt. Lol Metaphorically of course. (wink)

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