Desert Boot, Vegetarian Shoes

Time for something classic?

If you need something else for the fall instead of sneakers, I think these desert boots from Vegetarian Shoes will do the trick.

Comes in three colors, all made out of vegetan fake suede, similar to real suede. A material that is soft, breathable and as with regular suede you should use some waterproofing spray for protection. They hold up well and the construction feels solid. I can actually vouch for these myself as I recently bought a pair of the dark brown.

For those of you on the other side of the pond, you can order these at Moo Shoes.

* Edit, photo update. My own pair.

6 thoughts on “Desert Boot, Vegetarian Shoes”

  1. They have very very similar ones at H&M now too, but black leather-like rather than suede. At only $35, they don’t quite look as quality as these tho.

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