Air Jordan V.2 Grown

Props to Justin for giving me the scoop on this one.  As many of you know, Jordan is a Nike brand that originated with MJ (not Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace), the G.O.A.T. in hoops history.  The first Air Jordan came out in 1985, and changed the sneaker game forever.  I’m not sure when Nike made Jordan its own brand, but I know its been around for maybe ten years.  That brand has an air of exclusivity, such as the selective sponsorship of athletes hand picked by the man himself.  It seems like anything associated with Michael Jordan has this aura of exceptionalism.

With that said, I’ve never been a fan, just because the sneakers never really stood out to me, and they were expensive.  Even the “retro” releases of the old Air Jordan 1’s never felt right, like the re-branding of it made it less interesting than if they released it the way they used to look.  Maybe these damn kids just have no sense of history!  Anyway, at least they are trying to move past performance based sneakers.

The V.2 Grown is one of these “lifestyle” shoes that companies are trying to capitalize on.  They know that a whole generation that grew up on sneakers want to wear their kicks out, but realize they’re either too old for them now, or it just looks weird with a button down.  Here, Jordan eschews the heavy branding and patterns with a clean, trimmed and muted design.  Fortunately for us, they offer animal friendly models made out of canvas and denim.  Note the hidden laces, which aren’t even necessary – the elastic gusset on the side allows you to slip in and out without the burdensome process of tying em up!

Available at, Sneakerhead, and Amazon

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