Adidas Nizza Hi Canvas

Adidas really does it proper with their Originals sub-brand.  Get yourself a tracksuit, some shell-toes with fat laces, and you’ll be straight.  You’ll feel like you were an extra in Wild Style!  Now if you could get your hands on a Kangol hat…

I had to blog about the Nizza Hi.  I had the original intent when I spotted a pair on Karmaloop, but I didn’t like the looks of those stripes.  They looked like leather.  Even the dude who helped me with the live chat couldn’t say for sure.  So I decided to put that idea on ice.  Lo and behold, a week later or so, PETA listed the Nizza Hi on their list for “vegan shoe of the month.”  I’LL TAKE THAT.  Then I came across them in light blue  on the Adidas site, plus they’re on sale for $35.  WOOT!  Only downside, mostly for the ladies and guys with small feet – it doesn’t look like they have any smaller sizes, under 9.5.

Don’t fret… if you are willing to shell out the regular price ($50), you can cop these in white with black stripes at Zappos.

2 thoughts on “Adidas Nizza Hi Canvas”

  1. Hey Dylan, looks like we have conflicting information. At least the Nizza Hi in white canvas is PETA approved. You can bet they would do their homework, better than me definitely. If you have any more info, let us know.

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