Nike Blazer AC Hi Black

We know Nike doesn’t use animals in their glues, but their sneakers are predominantly leather.  This is especially true in their “retro” kicks – Dunks, Blazers, AF1, etc.  If you wanted some of those, you’d have to look exclusively for the canvas models.  These are rare, and even then, they usually include a leather swoosh or accent.  Or, you can go the route of the “performance” shoe.  I mainly find these in the running department.  You know what I’m talking about.  They look like spiderwebs, or some type of dressed up sock with a rubber patch underneath it for “cushioning.”  Not to take away from the technological feats embodied in these shoes, but they are overpriced, inappropriate for everyday, and I don’t need all those bells and whistles.

But, what is this?  We have a Nike Blazer in synthetic nubuck? With nylon panels?  Oh my.  Looks like someone is catching on to the demand for vegan shoos!  Or, more realistically, leather is getting pricey, or someone over there thought it looked cool.  Anyway, here we have it, something entirely synthetic, vegan 4 realz.  I know, I know, you say, “the swoosh and the black panels look leather.”  It’s hard to believe, I realize this.  But sometimes, you just have to believe, and dare I say, DO IT.

Source: Nice Kicks.

Available at the Nice Kicks store for $78.

Available at East Bay.  You can also zoom in super close on the shoe here for a close inspection.

6 thoughts on “Nike Blazer AC Hi Black”

  1. Eastbay description:

    Big on Swoosh, big on style. The Nike Blazer High features a high-cut style for plenty of ankle support and a rubber outsole for supreme traction on city streets.

    LEATHER upper for comfort.

    Advanced Nike cushioning for optimal support.

  2. Hey Chris and jlhgkyfv,

    Good looking out. I took out the Eastbay link, but I believe that this shoe is vegan. Nice Kicks is a reputable sneaker blog, this is a new model, and they pay close attention to their stuff. While I think it’s the same shoe on Eastbay, that site, like many other large vendors, probably didn’t update the description and just inserted boilerplate language for all Blazers. Plus, their customers are probably better off thinking that it’s leather.

    With that said, I think you should check out the Nice Kicks store. They’re selling the model as described on their blog. See the link I provided above. So I think you’re good to go!

    Thanks for the comments, hope this helps! Let me know if you guys run into any problems!

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