Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford

I came across this one in my “research” for shoes I can wear to work.  My old standbys are on their way out, and I wore the crap out of them (the soles are falling apart).  Side note, how awesome was that Obama photo when he was on the campaign trail and you could see the holes in his shoes?  Think what you will about his presidency but little things like that remind me why everyone loved him two years ago.

But I digress.  This Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford shoe is a very nice in between shoe, allowing you to dress up or down.  Unfortunately, there was an awesome faux leather brown pair that looked really classy, but they came with a leather inner sole!   Anyway, these are definitely not leather, and no other animal parts involved in the making.  Cotton upper, corded laces, and a slim sole.  Very nice to wear anywhere really, but not with a suit!  Damn!

Available at Urban Outfitters for $68. Check out their site for fancy zoomed in shots too.

UPDATE: The faux leather ones are described on the site as coming with a leather lined footbed.  My independent source has provided me with first-hand confirmation that everything, including the footbed, is synthetic.  Here’s the link to the Feathers Crepe Sole Oxford (in brown and black).

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