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Here at Vegan Kicks, we tend to focus on style over substance.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  We like to look good.  Fortunately for us, most of what we like happens to be comfortable as well.  Veganism is a lifestyle choice in a way, and much of that lifestyle has to do with being more mindful of health and well-being.  Well, vegans and vegetarians definitely have the eating part of it down.  But it’s no secret that regular physical activity goes a long way to making you feel better and live longer.  Whether you play sports, work out, or perform some type of strenuous activity for your job, you need the equipment to go with it.  This one goes out to my runners out there.

The New Balance M587NV and MR905LW – both $104.95 – are men’s running shoes (sorry girls.  For the complete list of vegan shoes, men and women, click here).  The list is quite long, but I selected these two because the others were just, well I didn’t like them.  But these two are handsome, I think.  The M587NV goes with more of a retro look, harkening back to the New Balance shoes of the 80’s and 90’s.  The MR905L is sleeker, incorporating more obvious synthetic materials in the upper, such as molded plastic, probably to shave off some weight.  The look is more futuristic.  But whatever your pleasure, these two are sure to please if you run.  I don’t know crap about running shoes, but I have worn New Balances to run in, and they do nicely.  They aren’t nearly as nice as these.  So check them out, vegan runners!

Available at Tri City New Balance… [right now there’s free shipping, guaranteed before Christmas, plus 10% off]  Click on the pics above to view the links to the store.  You’ll get more technical specs as well.

2 thoughts on “New Balance M587NV and MR905LW”

  1. The 587 looks like it’s from the 90s because it is! My friend in college would run a lot and just keep buying that same pair of shoes over and over again. This was ’96-’00. I bought a pair in ’00 and still have them. There’s a Michael Moore movie from the 90s (I forget which one) where he’s clearly wearing a pair.

  2. Thanks for the drop of knowledge, Ben. I think I remember seeing Michael Moore wearing these too, he looks exactly the same in every movie though, it’s pretty funny.

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