American Apparel Dancing Shoe

So, it turns out American Apparel doesn’t just make t-shirts and tights!  This “Dancing Shoe” is a pretty sweet find.  The “patent leather” uppers are actually polyester.  Too bad they couldn’t do that for those sweet boots they have too!   While these might not be for everyone, they are definitely for a serious night out.  Unless you can pull these off on the regs, then I applaud you.  Sorry about the small ass pictures, I don’t know what’s up with their website, but some places don’t give you high-res pics.

Men’s (black).  Women’s (black, white, navy) $52.

2 thoughts on “American Apparel Dancing Shoe”

  1. Size up? Do you mean you need to buy a smaller size? I always think that these types of shoes run large. But I could be wrong. It is American Apparel, their market is skinny hipster types.

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