Ecote Canvas & [Faux] Leather Backpack

Yeah, Vegan Kicks is moving beyond kicks.  We weren’t planning on branching out.  It just happened.  Sometimes we see something nice and want to put it on the blog, but it’s not wearable on your feet.  We’re hoping we can change that and still keep the site as focused as possible.  We will be sticking to clothing – the whole food thing, and animal rights advocacy aspect is being done a thousand times better than I can ever do it.  So we’ll stick to posting about things you can buy to impress your friends with unique, yet ethical fashion sensibilities.

This Ecote canvas and fake leather backpack is a good find.  I’ve always wanted one of these military inspired bags with the fold down top, instead of the traditional zipper that goes down the side.  It is a more traditional, down to earth look.  The downside is that it’s probably not very water resistant, and the lighter colors will likely stain.  But you can always throw it in the wash.  Of course, the leather accents are synthetic.

NOTE that this bag is designated for women, but to me, it seems unisex.  I didn’t notice until I saw the picture of the women modeling it.  Okay, it was under the women’s section too – whatever.

Available at Urban Outfitters for $68, in green, grey, ivory, and black.  Click for more specs and info.

3 thoughts on “Ecote Canvas & [Faux] Leather Backpack”

  1. Just fyi about Urban Outfitters – my daughter found this on UO site and we ordered it way back in August for back-to-school. UO shipped to a p.o. address via UPS and did not specify it be left at the post office. It was returned. UO admitted it was a shipping error by the store from where it shipped and that they would resend. We waited and waited; it never came. We inquired and were told it had shipped on 9/14 and tracking info would be provided. We waited and waited – finally when we inquired again they admitted they had lied; item had never shipped. Finally during the last week of Sept we received a refund. I would be very careful about Urban Outfitters. We will never be doing business with them again.

  2. Hey Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the comment. That sucks about your bad experience with Urban Outfitters. Fortunately I haven’t had the same problems, but I can relate to the feeling. I wouldn’t buy online there again either if I were you. If customer service is important, I would recommend buying from Zappos, their service is top notch.


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