H&M Desert Boot

Desert Boots are all the rage now, and some brands have obliged us non-leather wearing folk with some fake/faux/imitation leather models.  See Vegetarian Shoes, Keep, Good Guys.  Now H&M is selling a very respectable desert boot in blue, khaki, and brown (Thanks, Andy!).

Two comments.  First, H&M is no exemplar of corporate responsibility.  Notwithstanding the merits of their brand, it is undisputed that have a sucky track record of human rights abuse.  Also there was that piece of news about how an employee was caught slashing unsold clothing so no one could use them or donate them… really?  I have engaged in this discussion before, and it should come as no surprise that I bring this up.  In short, if we care about suffering of animals, we should not be immune to the plight of less fortunate people around the world.  Second, these aren’t available stateside.  Right now, this online store link is only for the UK.  Holler at me if anyone has more info.  You know where to find me.

Available at H&M UK online store for £29.99.

5 thoughts on “H&M Desert Boot”

  1. I heard from a friend who works at H&M here in Canada and she said she investigated it and they in fact do use remanufactured leather.

  2. Hey guys, I did a follow up by emailing H&M HQ and they said that any item they sell that has animal leather in it (genuine or regenerated) will be stated as leather or genuine leather. Therefore these boots and any other H&M product labeled imitation leather or synthetic leather is in fact vegan.

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