15 thoughts on “Nike Dunk Hi Denim”

  1. It’s nice of Nike to do these, but they’re only available in a few stores and most of those stores realise this and gouge the prices. I picked up a pair anyway but yeah, buyer beware. One site had a 10% off coupon and when I asked about it he was like “nah not on these ones”.

  2. Yeah the sole has changed tread and rubber, the mid sole is a bit softer now and looks like it might shred easier than I remember (apparently this is for cushioning. The attention to detail is pretty nice. Only complaints are that the tongue doesn’t have centring straps like on the old SB dunks and the laces provided aren’t long enough to lace up to the top which I find to be indicative of style over substance. It’s a high top shoe and yet the laces only provide cupping up to a mid top would.

  3. I should be on top of this, but got any links for shops selling these? I’m curious, maybe I’ll update the post. Thanks!

  4. SK, good discovery. I’ll check with Nike on this one, I’ll try to get back to you about that!

  5. Hi Henry, heard back from Nike yet? I just bought a pair of Nike Air Max Light at the Snipes store, with a similar issue – Swoosh leather or not?
    I sent them an email a few days ago, and they assured me that the Swoosh is made out of fake leather. I didn’t mention that I was vegan so there shouldn’t have been no need for them to be opportunistic 😉 I hope they are right!

  6. Hey SK, sorry, it slipped my mind. I just sent an email to Nike, I’ll let you know when they get back to me. Just from my past experience though, they are a little shady with their answers. At one time they told me that the store that was selling the shoe was “unauthorized” so they couldn’t verify what was in it. This was, coincidentally, from a German online shop as well. So we’ll see. I sent them the High Snobiety link, hopefully they will be able to track it down and let me know. I’ll hit you up when I hear from them. Sorry about the delay man. Meanwhile, try not to stress about it, just enjoy your new kicks. They look nice!

  7. Thanks for investigating, yeah I know, the Nike support is lousy, I onced asked them about the Air Max Omega Pack and their reply was vague… Snipes also has “real” stores in Germany, I bought my pair in one of them. Didn’t want to sound too stressed about it though, but I must say my previous post kind of reads like I was 🙂

  8. Bad news man. Nike told me the swoosh is leather. Did you get those? I’m talking about the Air Max 90 denim.

  9. Thanks for the update I’m glad I didn’t buy them … What a stupid idea to have a leather swoosh on a denim shoe though, reminds me of the latest air force denim with those leather parts 😉

  10. Hey thanks a lot SK. I was really trying to find some af1 mids or high tops, but the low tops are awesome! Thanks so much

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