Vans Chukka Boot Red

Back in the day (and by that, I mean a year ago), I rocked a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor low reds.  I received compliments about them all the time, but I now I wonder if they secretly thought they looked like I came out of the circus.  I lacked the self-awareness at the time to give it much thought.  I just took it at face value.  It’s either a flaw or asset, I’m not sure which at the moment.

But enough about me.  I doubt anyone will be clowning (heh) you about these.  The canvas Vans Chukka Boot has been elusive, but I finally found one.  Bright Red isn’t the most versatile color, but it’s still really dope.  I don’t think they can really screw this one up.  Sittin on some white gums, topped also with pearly white laces for a nice contrast.

Available at Karmaloop for a reasonable $55.

UPDATE 2/17/11: Also available at Zappos in Red and Black/Black.

2 thoughts on “Vans Chukka Boot Red”

  1. Zappos also has these… has em in all canvas black on black as well (watch out cause I’m pretty sure they have a suede black/black version as well.

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