Topman Claude

I’ve been sleeping on Topman for a while.  More than one person have sung its praises, but I resisted.  No mas!  I suppose my prejudices against Kate Moss and the snooty fashion world she represented led me to believe that I’d want nothing associated with her.  But real talk, Topman has some good shit.  Take Example A, the Claude in grey canvas.  You know, I think canvas dress shoes are really starting to come into their own.  Pretty soon you won’t feel like an outlier for rocking them, they’re really starting to become more common.  And they look pretty damn sleek.  Who says you need fake leather to have the look?

Available at Topman for $92.

10 thoughts on “Topman Claude”

  1. hi!

    do you actually own one pair of these?
    would you describe them as comfortable? and how is the size compared to a pair of Vans or Chucks?

    Many thanks and grats for the blog! 😉

  2. Hey Eric,

    I don’t own a pair, so I really can’t say anything about the size or feel. I did happen to go to Topman this weekend, and they looked really nice, very high quality. Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!


  3. thank you for your prompt answer!

    well, glad to hear your opinion about their ‘visual quality’, now the only think that drags me is the size, cos I wouldn’t like to spend so much and find a tight, unusable pair of shoes.
    Is it maybe happening that you to go Topman this upcoming weekend also? 😛

  4. Hey Eric,

    I wish I could check it out for you, but I don’t live in the city… I’ll be sure to give it a look next time I’m there!


  5. hei Henry

    ok, don’t worry! 🙂
    indeed, now I am out for a bit for Easter holiday, but when I’m back I will place my order, a EU 43 as safe choice and later I can ‘post feedback’ here 😛
    anyway I don’t need them for long walks, so even if they are a lil bit biggie doesn’t matter much!

    but still thanks!

  6. Hey Eric, actually I am going to the city this weekend. I might be able to swing by Topman, though no guarantees. I’ll post a reply if I do!

  7. actually i just came back home, so im gonna place an order tomorrow maybe.
    did you have any chance to drop by? otherwise I’ll order a 43 and let you know!


  8. Hey Eric, man I’m sorry, I was never able to make it over there… hope that those fit, fingers crossed!

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