Converse Mesh Chuck It

I am vaguely aware of the fashion seasons and cycle, where the next season’s thing emerges even before the present season starts.  But my approach is much more day-to-day and more attuned to my immediate needs, i.e. oh crap it just snowed a foot, I better get me some boots!  I cannot plan my wardrobe for the fall when it is summer out.  Just can’t.  Plus, with my broke ass, I’m more likely to look for last season’s merchandise that the store is trying to get rid of.

This weekend actually felt a little like spring.  I still had my heavy jacket on, but today I actually drove with the window down.  Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay here (I’m in New Jersey), but who knows with this churlish winter in the Northeast.

So, I thought that something a little more summery was apropo.  I have to say, first, I’m not a huge fan of all these “summer” or “beach” shoes that seem to be all the rage.  Like, what the hell is the deal with those wack “water shoes” with the elastic mesh and rubber soles that people wear in the water.  Then the gates of hell opened up with Crocs; don’t even get me started.  Second, I was never cool with wearing shoes without socks.  I still think it’s pretty gross, but I’m willing to re-think my stance on that.  I mean, if you’re wearing shorts or pants that shows your ankle, sometimes socks look really wack.

So this Converse Mesh Chuck It is one of those shoes you can wear without socks on the beach or summat, but they look pretty nice.  They don’t seem all that different from regular Chucks until you get up close, so they’re a little bit tricky.  And the black color always looks cleaner.  So no laces, and the sole is a light rubber, not like regular Chucks.

Available at Urban Outfitters.  Go to site for better photos.

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