Vans Classic Hemp Pack

I have to come right out of the gate and say, sorry for phoning this one in.  I wanted to find something, anything, interesting to write about for 4/20, but… this sort of fell in my lap.  You all knew this was coming.  This isn’t actually that new, but I have been seeing this Vans Classic “Hemp Pack” popping up all over.

It is a little too apropo, isn’t it?  You know, Hemp, Jamaica, Rastafari cultureWEED?  Follow the logic here.  Except the irony of it is that the whole Rastafarian belief system is likely to be anti-commercialism as personified in the now all too corporate Vans company.  BUT, you have to believe that any of those dudes (and dudettes) would be tickled that people around the world are celebrating these colors.

And the colors really work.  It’s very simple: plain hemp upper, with a green/yellow/red stripe running along the top of the sole.  Available in the Authentic (black), 106 (black), and Slip-On (natural).

Source: Hypebeast

Authentic available at Zappos .

106 available at Zappos .

Slip-On available at Zumiez.

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  1. I love the black ones- I am a van’s fanatic, and am also really diggin the eco/earth friendly elements of vegan shoes. thanks!

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