Etnies Malto LS

Etnies is a down company.  Just the name brings back a lot of great memories of my childhood, when all we used to do is skate.  All these years later, the company is still going strong, and just poking around their site, I’m impressed with some of the stuff they’re involved with, such as Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree (full disclosure: I like to hug trees).  But they’ve also given vegans some love, and unlike a lot of shoe companies, they actually promote their animal loving creds!  Surprise, how easy is it to make a “vegan” page with all your animal free products, and have a little icon next to each shoe, just to inform those who care?  It sure makes our lives easier.

This particular shoe is the Sean Malto LS model.  It’s a pretty plan low shoe with a slim silhouette and vulcanized sole.  And as a skate shoe, it probably has better cushioning than your average sneaker.

Vegan models are pictured here, and are available at, in navy, white, and black for $65 (and free shipping over $50!).

3 thoughts on “Etnies Malto LS”

  1. So I was really excited to see these particular pair of shoes listed on this website. However, when I went to the Etnies site, I didn’t see these listed under the vegan tab. I’m rather confused at the moment.

  2. Hey Nico, the new Malto is probably not vegan if it’s not listed as such on the Etnies site. Keep in mind my post was over a year old, so hold tight. They release new vegan models every season, the fall one should be out either now or any day. Thanks for the comment.

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