Lugz Strider Denim

When I think of Lugz, I keep seeing images of thug ass rappers in the 90’s rocking some oversized jeans, sagged way low, and of course some prominent boots to match.  Timberland was the iconic brand, still is.   Lugz always seemed to be an imitator, and never really made a mark beyond a niche under the umbrella of “urban” wear.  But looky what we have here.  I can’t say I’ve seen a wallabee boot done in denim, but my memory is shot.  It’s probably been done before.  But speaking of 90’s, the wallabee was also a big deal back then.  Anyway, here is a good one from Lugz, the Strider Denim.  I’m definitely feeling the black denim over a lighter color too.

Available at Karmaloop.

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