Adidas Samba Canvas (NOT VEGAN)

UPDATE 8/10/11: Just got word from Adidas that the lining is in fact leather.  Sorry kids.

Great to see the Adidas Samba, another classic shoe being released in canvas.  I had a little difficulty with Adidas in finding out what the stripes are made out of, and they did tell me that the stripes are in fact synthetic.  But stupid me, I didn’t word the email correctly, so they didn’t comment on the heel and the tongue.  So  I am going forewarning you all now.  I’m posting this, but only on the assumption that Adidas would not do the counter-intuitive thing and use leather on the other parts of the shoe (they do!).  Also, Zappos describes the lining as synthetic, and that seems to be the same stuff used on the heel (wrong!).  I can’t really vouch for the tongue though.  I had a pair of old Superstars before and the tongue was leather.  But these don’t look the same, it seems to be a padded tongue.

So as I cannot state with 100% certainty that these are vegan, I’m sure enough to put them here (I stand corrected).  Being such a dope shoe, I couldn’t resist.  If anyone already has a pair of these, let me know what the tag says.  I apologize in advance for anyone who may accuse me of being a hack and lacking in credibility.  But hey, I did warn you!

Available in black, blue, and red at Zappos for $60.

12 thoughts on “Adidas Samba Canvas (NOT VEGAN)”

  1. The black/gum ones I posted a while back had a synthetic tongue/limit/heel tab, so I’m sure these are synthetic also! Raddd!!!

  2. If these shoes are SKU G51493, the Adidas website says that they are “leather lined for comfort”, although Zappo’s claims it has a synthetic liner.

  3. Hi Mike, can’t confirm. I wouldn’t trust shoebuy. I would check with Adidas directly. Let me know if you find anything out. Thanks!

    – Henry

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