Saucony Jazz Low Pro Red

I think a lot of us who pay attention to this stuff are well aware of the Saucony Jazz Low Pro as a widely available retro running shoe that happens to be vegan.  It also happens to be, well, pretty boring.  Let’s be real, they look like old man shoes.

But lookey here, Saucony flipped the script with this 2011 new-and-improved Jazz Low Pro.  Like before, it’s made out of hemp and canvas.  But it’s gotten a significant style makeover.  The heel padding is totally gone, now leaving just a thin fabric backing.  I believe overall, there is much less padding, though I can’t tell 100% from the pictures.  I think they just abandoned all pretense that this shoe would be used for running.  But to me, it’s for the better.  The shape and silhouette are significantly more sleek.  And no one is running in these shoes anyway, right?

Available at Premier for $55.

8 thoughts on “Saucony Jazz Low Pro Red”

  1. These are horrid. Why can’t they just make more solid colorways and styles that are vegan? We’re not all canvas-loving hippies that want awkward shoes.

    Don’t get me wrong, the new heal style is pretty interesting, but the shaggy canvas ruins the shoe.


  2. Harsh man, harsh. I dunno, I never got the feeling these were hippie-ish shoes, I guess the shaggy style does go in that direction. But overall I thought they were more slick than the previous version. To each his own!

  3. what they need to do is expand & make vegan friendly shoes other than these cheap looking 70’s track shoes and make vegan friendly models of the shadow 5000’s. New Balance should do the same with 998’s and 1500’s. They’re vegan line and new balance 547’s, to me, are “hippie” and sloppy. I’m not going for the Prefontaine look.

    ps. this is a great blog…thanks

  4. what would be really dope is if all these companies that offer the whole “design your own colorway/material” had vegan options and infinte color schemes for ALL the models they sell. If clarks did this!??!?! I miss my Wally’s the most but now i’m ranting…..later

  5. Hey phr,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree, the vegan look needs to shed the vegan look stereotype. Some looks are definitely tired, which is partly why I started this blog. Hopefully I can keep it current enough for you guys to keep visiting. Thanks!

    – Henry

  6. Hey Action Jackson,

    Haha, duly noted. I’m not too fond of these Sanuk shoes, they are way too hippie for me. Thanks for your comment!

    – Henry

  7. You’re an ass. The Saucony Jazz were the hottest shoes in the late 90s/early 00’s. These look like stupid hipster shoes.

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