Good Guys Aponi

Word on the street was that Moo Shoes was starting to stock Good Guys, and now some of them are here! Unfortunately, selection is quite limited, so I’ll just start off with the Aponi.  Not sure what there is to say other than that they are dope.  It’s a simple oxford, but unlike a lot of vegan shoes that try to do this, they actually look… good.  Really good.  The material is faux suede, and so far you can get these in beige (gray) and brandy (brown).

Click down for more pics.  Available at Moo Shoes for $175.


One thought on “Good Guys Aponi”

  1. Damn. Those are pretty. I’ve been looking for a nice looking dress shoe, but one that wasn’t “Wall Street” the movie style boring. Those brown faux-suede are awesome.

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