Supra Skytop Canvas Tuf Blue & Red (NOT VEGAN)

Update 11/11/11: Sorry everyone, I didn’t realize these contained leather.  I actually recall that in the past I saw that the “Tuf” Supra shoes were leather.  But I forgot.  Sorry guys.  And thanks guys for your comments calling me out on it.  Appreciate your help.


I’ve never been a huge fan of the Supra Skytop, but these are pretty clean.  I see the appeal, but I wouldn’t rock them all the time.  Here’s a bold solid color release from your favorite skater/beatmaker/delinquent Chad Muska.  Holler at em Chad.

Source: Sneaker Freaker

13 thoughts on “Supra Skytop Canvas Tuf Blue & Red (NOT VEGAN)”

  1. Yeah, I found these described as: “Uppers of leather, suede, abrasion-resistant TUF canvas, or duct tape-like TUF materials.” Zappos

  2. on Zappos the product information (Uppers of leather, suede, abrasion-resistant TUF canvas, or duct tape-like TUF materials.) is written for all color variations. And there are some made of leather instead of canvas. I’m going to write a product request to Supra.

  3. Hey Tom and Jack,

    Thanks for looking out. The only reason I was so fast to declare them not vegan is because I suddenly remembered that when I was looking these up I thought that I read they had leather in them (but they looked 100% canvas). Let me know what you hear back from Supra. I am a little hesitant.

  4. the TUF material is suede that is treated with a rubber coating and winds up looking like canvas or nylon. However, Supra could also be putting that TUF treatment on canvas, which is what I think they’ve done here, hence the name “Canvas TUF”. They have had previous models that were called “satin TUF” where it looks like they applied it to satin. If this is the case, these are indeed vegan. It’s just the regular traditional TUF that is made of leather.

  5. Here is an email i received from supra asking, Hi. Do the skytop tuf canvas skate shoe contain any animal products ie leather, suede, etc? I am vegan so this is important for me. Also any other animal free products would be great to know about. Thanks

    Dear Kevin,
    Please check our all of our canvas shoes out. These are the only shoes that do not have animal products in them.
    SUPRA Footwear

    So im assuming all canvas shoes are animal product free

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