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Hey all!  Sorry I have been M.I.A.  Too much work + life.  I don’t know how some of these bloggers are so prolific.  Do they have day jobs?

Anyway, I have a pretty cool update (thanks to my buddy John).  Turns out that some of the Nike iD Dunks are available in non-animal materials.  Skeptical of Nike as always, I emailed their customer service department.  Here’s what they wrote:

“With twill/corduroy options selected, this entire model is non-animal, down to the glue, stitching, etc.  No inner leather or animal material, etc.”

Good enough for me.  Based on my limited personal experience with Nike, I would have to say they are trustworthy.  They always get back to me very quickly with informed and detailed answers.  I wouldn’t bet that they were lying.  They seem to take their customer service very seriously, unlike other major brands.

The two models pictured above and below are the Nike Dunk Hi Premium ($143) and Lo Premium ($120).  These are available in the vegan materials of corduroy and twill.  And a whole host of colors!  It’s customizable down to the laces and sole.  Pretty sweet.  But be careful, this only applies to these two models.  They are the first two when you get to the page.  The others, if you try to customize them, you will learn that only leather is available.

While they are quite expensive, you are paying for all the customization.  And you can rest assured that they are vegan!  No more waiting for Nike to release colorways and hoping you like them, and then pray that the stupid swoosh isn’t leather.

Available at Nike iD HERE.

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