Novacas Dennis (brown suede)

Happy New Year everyone!   Vegankicks is ready for another great year of animal-free action.  I’m going to start things off in 2012 with a pair that I personally just procured – the Dennis (in brown suede) by Novacas.  This purchase was a little more out of necessity than anything, as I seriously needed shoes for “business casual” attire.  That in itself is a whole bag of gripes, and I’ll leave that out of here.  But as those concerns were on my mind, I came across these at Moo Shoes.  Now, I have seen the Dennis in black faux leather before, and I would NOT recommend those.  They look cheap and uninspired.  But when I saw them in brown suede, I couldn’t resist.  It’s strange how much the material and color can really make a difference.  I would highly recommend these, as they are sharp enough for the office, but simple and casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans.

As a very frugal person, I had to swallow the price tag of $150.  As a matter of principle I don’t believe in paying over $100 for a pair of shoes.  But I was willing to make an exception in this case.  These are a quality pair of shoes.  They are hand made in Portugal, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly.  And also I see it as supporting two great companies.  If you’re going to spend a few extra bucks, you might as well do it on the businesses you really believe in.

Cop these at Moo Shoes.

P.S. These run big.  I would recommend buying a size down.  I usually wear 10 in men’s dress shoes but I had to get 9 in these.  Then again I have narrow feet.

P.P.S. it’s hard to tell the actual color because the pictures are so different.  I took mine from my phone so they look darker than they actually are.  But the ones I took from the web seem a lot lighter.  So really the shade is somewhere in between.


3 thoughts on “Novacas Dennis (brown suede)”

  1. I just bought these from moo shoes as well. Love them so far, very stylish design, high-quality construction, best faux suede I’ve seen.

    And yes they run a bit small, I am 10.5 US but these fit me in 43 and are still a tad large.

    And yes I too usually do not want to pay $150 for a pair of shoes, but I made an exception this time. And I am satisfied.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Joel I would agree with you. After wearing these for a few weeks, I can say that they are high quality and comfortable. A very good purchase.

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