The Iconoclast’s Vegan Styx Rage Comic #0

Hey everyone, welcome to the first installation of Vegan Styx, a comic strip created by my good friend the Iconoclast.  I am very excited to showcase this hilarious and vegan-centric strip.  Check it! [click picture for full size]

6 thoughts on “The Iconoclast’s Vegan Styx Rage Comic #0”

  1. I think we can all relate to the, “I heard blank person from tv/radio/whatever say vegetarianism is dangerous!”… it’s funny how hearsay is more powerful than actual research these days. No one bothers!

  2. LOL this is awesome. My favorite was the “who the f says that?”

    Ex-girlfriend took a shot at me with, “you aren’t going to get like ANOREXIC skinny are you?” I could have said something mean back like, “you aren’t going to get like OBESE fat are you? Or just normal fat?” But I don’t like to bring people down so I let it slide and just vent here anonymously.

    I went vegetarian about a year ago, and have lost alot of weight, but my body composition has improved pretty dramatically, alot of the extra junk I was carrying around has disappeared.

    I do need to gain some weight back, but I lost too much from working too much, I’ve dropped weight before like this when I was eating meat at most meals so doesn’t have anything to do with the diet change, just need to take better care of myself and hit the weights. (Rice protein powder for the win).

  3. Ted,

    Glad you enjoyed the comic. Your story is great. I wish other people could understand the health benefits of becoming vegetarian. Of course, most people only get the picture when they see someone like you, who is losing weight. But of course they think it’s a huge sacrifice to not eat meat and think that they can get away with the “low carb” nonsense diet. It is insane, but before I go on a rant, I’ll just end it there. Thanks for the comment, let me know if there’s anything you find, or anything you’d like to read here!


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