Doc Martens Desert Boot (NOT VEGAN)

Update 3/11/12: I got word from Doc Martens, these are definitely not vegan.  There is leather on the inside.  So frustrating.

UPDATE 3/7/12: Again it’s been brought to my attention that these might contain leather.  Upon closer inspection it does appear that the chambray ones do have leather around the inner ankle.  But the black ones don’t.  There might be leather below that but it’s too hard to tell just by looking.  I will check with the company and report back.  Thanks for your patience guys.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise from Sir Dr. Martens.  A canvas desert boot is the last thing I would expect from them, but hey – this works.  I was immediately smitten with the Nixon‘s shapely contrasting white sole.  Too often I feel like desert boot soles are too flat.  Apparently there is a special process called “heat welting” to attach the sole.  As long as it stays on it’s fine with me.  I prefer the black canvas, but the chambray is good too.  You can also get these in grey and brown.

Available at Karmaloop, Amazon, and Endless.

More pics after the jump (of just black and chambray).  See Endless and Amazon for the other colors.

7 thoughts on “Doc Martens Desert Boot (NOT VEGAN)”

  1. Hey Vlad, you’re right. The chambray ones look like they’re leather inside. But the black ones don’t. I’ll check with the company and report back.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the blog.

    I went vegetarian about a year ago, and have loved it so far. It has been much more difficult finding shoes. I dress preppy like your banker establishment type, so most of the vegan footware I was running across was more of an urban, skateboard type of look. (Not knocking anybody’s style, I just know what works for me and can appreciate other people’s style too). But I found tons of dressy choices out there now, so that’s been really fun, it seems like alot more choices are available now than ever before. No Harm shoes are really expensive but I am going to invest in a pair because they look awesome and a pair of shoes like that will last for years if you take care of them properly.

    I would have thought that synthetic materials would have been easier and cheaper for manufacturers so not sure why they all have to use genuine leather in everything.

  3. Hey Ted,

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Unfortunately my job doesn’t allow me to wear whatever I want, so I’m more on the lookout for work type clothes. What’s out there is not too great, but at least there is something. I have a pair of Novacas and I’m really happy with them. I expect them to last a really long time. I think that synthetic materials aren’t used because leather is so widely available and accepted that it’s just cheaper to use it. It also probably has to do with the economy of scale. The technology is there, it just needs to become a bigger market.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I’ve been a bit confused why these desert boots are listed as non vegan, however neither are they vegetarian. I’m sure they are not at all,

  5. Hi Wendy, they have leather lining so they’re not vegan and not vegetarian. Does that answer your question?

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