Havaianas Sandals

Summer is just around the corner, and sometimes you need to let your feet hang out.  I’m not a huge sandals fan myself, the view of my bare feet is slightly disconcerting.  But depending on where you live, it may be acceptable to walk around in flip-flops.  And if you do, you might as well look good while doing it.

Now, if you’re going to splurge and get a nice pair of sandals, you might as well go with Havaianas.  State side, this brand blew up a bunch of years back.  All of a sudden they were everywhere.  But if you have a pair, you can tell why.  They’re sturdier, no flimsy one layer foam joints.  You can tell they’re quality.  And they’re slim, cut to the shape of your feet.  Unfortunately, you can’t get a pair for $5 like you can at your Old Navy or Dollar Store, but listen – last time I went flip flop shopping I went to a big box store that shall not be named here lest you judge me, and they were all at least $15!  And they were heinous, so I’d rather plunk down a little more and get these.

Now, enough of my personal rambling intro.  Another reason why I’m featuring Havaianas is because, obviously, they are vegan.  You can tell just by looking at them but a lot of sandals are leather now.  And, following the last Earth Day post, it should be worth mentioning some of their environmental and social responsibility initiatives.  For instance Havaianas has donated more than $1 million to The Institute for Ecological Research (IPE).

The IPE is a non-governmental org that promotes habitat restoration, landscape conservation, argo-forestry, organic coffee, and tree nurseries.  They have also teamed up with Conservation International (CI) to protect the Abrolhos, an archipelago of five islands off the coast of Northeast Brazil.  Needless to say, the Abrolhos is an important marine ecosystem, with an abundance of sea life calling its reefs home.  Havaianas is launching a collection of sandals with prints featuring fish and coral reefs; seven percent of sales profits will go to finance conservation work in this beautiful region (man, I really want to go there now).

But onto the sandals!  There are myriad to choose from.  I’ll just shout out a few that are my faves.

Brasil in yellow, available at Zappos.

Aloha in Red, available at Havaianas.

Muppets!  Manna Mahna!  Available at Havaianas.

For the ladies:

Slim Logo Metallic, available at Zappos.

Geometric in blue, available at Zappos.

Brazil Black, available at Zappos.


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  1. Hi. It’s not on the subject but I wanted to ask if Nike LaBron 9 basketball shoes are vegan? from what I read on Nike website they are, but I wanted to see if you have more info.

    thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Marta, to tell you the truth I don’t know. I’ve seen them and they look made out of all synthetic. I’ll check with Nike to confirm. Follow up with an email to me in case I forget. Thanks for the question!

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