Nike Huarache Free 2012

Pardon me for the long delay between posts.  I know you all were fiending for a shoe fix.  Fortunately, I was unable to attend to VK duties because I was on holiday in lovely Cape Town, South Africa.  For those who haven’t been there, all I got to say is, you gotta go.  Anyway, I’m back for another one.

Haters gonna groan, but today we are featuring the Nike Huarache Free 2012.  This is a re-design of the old huarache running shoe from ’92, but with the Free technology.  I had a pair of Huaraches B.I.T.D., and they were truly sweet – lightweight, supportive, and breathable.  I imagine incorporation of Free is only going to make these babies even more cushy.

I checked with Nike, and they confirmed that this shoe is vegan.  However, the Nike Store only sells the black/yellow colorway.  It is fully possible they may just be going by that one.  There are myriad other options here, and some of them look suspiciously leather-like.  Thus I have pictured only the ones I can tell are synthetic.  They are characterized by the matte, rubbery like surface.  I avoided all the shiny and smooth ones.  Buy those at your own risk.

Available at Nike Store and Finish Line.

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  1. i went to a nike store in london and asked about the shoe and the guy said the matte material is treated suede?

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